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Abraham - Genesis (Geared for growth)

  • Pub Date 04/06/2003

10 studies in Genesis 12-25

£2.99 £1.00

Acts - a visual guide

  • Author Kevin DeYoung Chris Ranson
  • Pub Date 06/04/2018

The exciting story of the book of Acts presented vividly! Each section is a study in visual form guiding you through the biblical text and opening up the truths in a unique, compelling way.

£9.99 £4.99

Agnus Dei

  • Author Stuart Pendred
  • Pub Date 01/01/2011

£12.99 £3.99


  • Author Jose Zayes

Getting your faith off the ground

£7.99 £1.00

All-around Easter

    All you need to create 6 faith discovery stations for kids and their families on one CD-Rom

    £16.99 £8.50

    Ancient voices

    • Author Ann Sloane

    AD79. Pompeii. A once vibrant cosmopolitan Roman city which was buried and her citizens lost in a cataclysmic event lasting two days.


    Animal Antics (Jack and friends)

    • Pub Date 01/07/2014

    This short film looks at how we should care for animals and follows Andi Markham and his puppet friend Jack visit a safari park to help look after the animals there.

    £7.99 £3.99

    Anuthel of Jezzithra

    • Author Karla Weir

    Book 2 in the Lore of Faerspring series

    £7.99 £1.00

    As kingfishers catch fire

    • Author Eugene Peterson
    • Pub Date 18/05/2017

    'Sixty years ago I found myself distracted.' So begins the introduction - what follows is the record of the collaboration of pastor and congregation in acts of worship and a life together

    £14.99 £7.50

    Being Orthodox

    • Author Martin Dudley
    • Pub Date 18/07/2019

    A much-needed book on understanding the Orthodox tradition, and living and growing as an Orthodox Christian

    £12.99 £6.50

    Best of Homecoming 2017

    • Author Gaither Homecoming
    • Pub Date 18/11/2016

    Enjoy the most memorable gospel music recordings of 2017 with this timely collection of favourites.

    £12.99 £7.99

    Better Together

    • Author Gaither Vocal Band
    • Pub Date 16/09/2016

    £12.99 £6.50