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Anglican evangelists

  • Author Martyn Snow ed
  • Pub Date 03/06/2019

An important new title from the Archbishops' College of Evangelists, encouraging both evangelists and those who support and train them to hear God's call afresh


Be the hands and feet

  • Pub Date 20/02/2018
  • Author Nick Vujicic

Nothing in life is as exciting and satisfying as introducing Jesus to people who have never met him.


Father heart of God

  • Pub Date 01/01/2001
  • Author Floyd McClung

A classic introduction to God's love, written for those in need and for those who wish to share that love with others.


Gospel and personal evangelism The

  • Pub Date 31/07/2017
  • Author Mark Dever

What is evangelism? Why should we evangelize? Why don't we evangelize? Who should we evangelize? How should we evangelize?


Making faith magnetic

  • Pub Date 01/10/2021
  • Author Daniel Strange

How to talk about Jesus in a way that connects with modern culture


Mere evangelism

  • Pub Date 01/09/2021
  • Author Randy Newman

Let C.S. Lewis inspire and equip you to share your faith


Message: send

  • Author John Peters

A fresh look at what it means to communicate the message of hope to a post-truth culture in the power of the Spirit, keeping our focus on the essential truths of the Gospel.



  • Pub Date 01/11/2012
  • Author Francis Chan

Too many Christians are intimidated by the thought of speaking to others about Jesus. Most feel like they don't know enough to lead others. This material is designed to change that.


Power evangelism

  • Pub Date 12/09/2013
  • Author John Wimber and Kevin Springer

How can we see the Spirit of God work in power?


Soul obsession

  • Pub Date 26/09/2005
  • Author Nicky Cruz

Soul Obsession is packed with miracles, passion, challenge and drama. It will excite and inspire all with a heart for Spirit-led evangelism.


Story bearer

  • Author Phil Knox
  • Pub Date 19/03/2020

This book inspires every Christian to see themselves as a story bearer.


Telling others

  • Pub Date 03/05/2018
  • Author Nicky Gumbel

Telling Others imparts the vision, excitement and challenge of Alpha, with a practical guide to running a successful course.