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100 Best Christmas Poems for Children

  • Author Roger McGough
  • Pub Date 19/08/2021

This delightful children’s poetry anthology brings together the 100 Best Christmas Poems for Children


After prayer

  • Author Malcolm Guite
  • Pub Date 25/10/2019

70 previously unpublished works from Malcolm Guite.


Backwater sermons The

  • Author Jay Hulme
  • Pub Date 06/10/2021


Clearing away the rubbish

  • Author Adrian Plass
  • Pub Date 23/07/2000

A collection of songs, poetry and drama from best-selling author Adrian Plass.


David's crown

  • Author Malcolm Guite
  • Pub Date 15/01/2021

150 poems by the bestselling poet Malcolm Guite, each one written in response to the Bible's 150 psalms


Day I fell down the toilet The

  • Author Steve Turner
  • Pub Date 23/04/1997

Wacky poems that take a roller-coaster ride from the crazy corners of dreams to the big questions of life


Heart's time The

  • Author Janet Morley
  • Pub Date 01/11/2011

A day by day Lent book aimed at the individual reader using a poetic text as the basis for ‘slow reflection’ during Lent and Eastertide.


Heaven in ordinary

  • Author Malcolm Guite
  • Pub Date 30/09/2020

A second collection of Malcolm Guite's widely acclaimed columns on the back page of the Church Times


In every corner sing

  • Author Malcolm Guite
  • Pub Date 09/10/2018

A collection of Malcolm Guite's poems from his popular Church Times column.


In the shelter: Finding a home in the world

  • Author Padraig O Tuama
  • Pub Date 11/08/2016

A Christian pathway into mindfulness, using the gospels, poetry and storytelling


Letting in the light

  • Author Kenneth Steven
  • Pub Date 18/08/2016

A luminous, emotionally charged and beautifully crafted new volume from one of Scotland's leading poets


Love Remember

  • Author Malcolm Guite
  • Pub Date 30/10/2017

40 poems of loss, lament and hope.