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Church from the inside

  • Author Laura Treneer
  • Pub Date 21/07/2017

An essential guide to effective church communications.

£3.99 £3.59

Church from the outside

  • Author Laura Treneer
  • Pub Date 21/07/2017

Helps you see your church with the eyes of your neighbours and create visual communications to reach them

£3.99 £3.59

Church online: social media

  • Author Laura Treneer
  • Pub Date 20/01/2017

Gives you the tools and checklists to consider your approach to social media as a church

£3.99 £3.59

Church online: websites

  • Author Laura Treneer
  • Pub Date 20/01/2017

Gives you the tools you need to transform a church website, or create one for the first time.

£3.99 £3.59

Cross in the heart of God A

  • Author Samuel Wells
  • Pub Date 30/11/2020

The Canterbury Press Lent book for 2021 focuses on the significance of the story at the very centre of Christianity: the crucifixion.

£12.99 £11.69

Engaging the word

  • Author Peter Phillips
  • Pub Date 20/10/2017

Sets out what biblical literacy means and what it looks like in our contemporary culture

£7.99 £7.19

Faith Hope and Charity

  • Author Paul Martin
  • Pub Date 01/03/2017

Paul Martin provides us with a practical, understandable and comprehensive guide to running a secular or faith- based charity and running it well.

£16.99 £15.29

Finding abundance in scarcity

  • Author Samuel Wells
  • Pub Date 30/06/2021

Theological reflections on pastoral and practical wisdom from the HeartEdge programmes based at London's St Martin in the Fields

£14.99 £13.49


  • Author Malcolm Duncan
  • Pub Date 03/04/2023

Subtitled Life in the upside down Kingdom this is the official theme book for Spring Harvest 2023


Fresh Expressions in a digital age

  • Author Malcolm Beck Rosario Picardo

Recognize the digital space as its own kind of third place, a new missional frontier

£15.99 £14.39

God Stephen Hawking and the multiverse

  • Author David Hutchings David Wilkinso
  • Pub Date 16/01/2020

What Hawking said and why it matters

£10.99 £9.89

Handbook to Christian Ministry

  • Author John Pritchard
  • Pub Date 18/06/2020

Laid out in an accessible A-Z format, the Handbook for Christian Ministry by John Pritchard is for both lay and ordained Christians wanting to make the most of the ministries God has called them into

£13.99 £11.69