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Camp in a can - Action heroes CD-Rom

  • Pub Date 27/02/2008
  • Author Doug Fields

Everythign you need to kickstart your camp or weekend retreat

£19.99 £9.99

Christian pocket guide to baptism

  • Pub Date 01/05/2012
  • Author Robert Letham

A short guide to the biblical basis for Baptism

£4.99 £2.00

Confirmation notebook

  • Pub Date 03/07/2002
  • Author Hugh Montefiore

A guide to Christian belief and practice (Sixth edition)

£6.99 £2.00

God who changes lives Vol 4

  • Pub Date 26/10/2004
  • Author Mark Elsdon-Dew

This collection contains fantastic faith-building stories of people whose lives have been transformed by God

£4.99 £2.00

Introducing 1 Timothy

  • Pub Date 20/07/2012
  • Author Angus macleay

Short book introducing the main themes of 1 Timothy

£2.99 £2.00

Letters to a student

  • Pub Date 05/06/2003
  • Author Donald Drew

Staying close to Christ through the university years

£6.99 £2.00

Peace comes to Applebrook

  • Pub Date 01/11/2014
  • Author Mary Weeks Millard

At long last WW2 comes to an end, what will happen to the evacuee children at Applebrook? Book 3 in a three part trilogy.

£6.00 £2.00

Retail therapy

  • Pub Date 22/07/2011
  • Author Andy Hickford

Think more deeply about shopping and consuming

£4.00 £2.00

Slow boat to safety

  • Pub Date 01/11/2014
  • Author Mary Weeks Millard

A young girl undertakes a dangerous journey with her uncle to escape from German occupied Guernsey. Book 2 in a three part trilogy

£6.00 £2.00

Walking backwards

  • Pub Date 01/06/2010
  • Author Jeff Lucas

Jeff Lucas reminds us that it is God's will that we leave our past failures behind us

£9.99 £2.00

Who knows? Junior quiz book

  • Pub Date 19/02/2008
  • Author Nick Fawcett

Who knows what you may find out in these eighty Bible quizzes for young people?

£10.99 £2.00