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Battlefield of the mind bible

  • Author Joyce Meyer
  • Pub Date 23/02/2017

The Battlefield of the mind Bible will help readers connect the truths of Joyce's all-time bestselling book, Battlefield of the Mind, to the Bible, and change their lives by changing their thinking.


Bible for everyone

  • Author Tom Wright John Goldingay
  • Pub Date 19/04/2018

The Bible for Everyone is the result of a passionate conviction that scripture should be something that everyone can read, understand and enjoy.


Bible in 100 pages

  • Author Phil Moore
  • Pub Date 20/06/2014

This crisp, clear summary provides a handy reference tool enabling the reader to see how the Bible fits together.


Bible story retold in 12 chapters

  • Author Andrea Skevington
  • Pub Date 10/12/2015

Evocative and full in scope, The Bible Story Retold in Twelve Chapters is a flowing retelling of the Bible's great stories.


Book of books The

  • Author Trevor Dennis
  • Pub Date 19/06/2009

The Bible Retold


Book of God

  • Author Walter Wangerin
  • Pub Date 07/03/2016

The Bible as a novel


CEV Holy Bible

    An ideal Contemporary English Version (CEV) Bible for home, church or outreach


    Complete Jewish Study bible

    • Author Barry Rubin
    • Pub Date 30/10/2016

    Pairs the updated text of The Complete Jewish Bible with extra study material, to help readers understand and connect with the Jewish roots of the Christian faith


    CSB Large Print Compact, Purple

    • Pub Date 01/03/2017

    £12.50 £9.99

    Gospel according to Mark

    • Author Bible Project

    An illlustrated overview of the gospel of Mark.


    NASB Audio on mp3

    • Pub Date 18/01/2007

    The elegance and simplicity of the spoken Word - New American Standard Version


    New Testament - Desk edition

    • Author Nicholas King
    • Pub Date 26/01/2006

    Nicholas King's fresh rendering of the New Testament is not only innovative but also illuminating and faith strengthening