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Juniors (8-11)

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Living in hope (Rwanda series 2)

  • Author Mary Weeks Millard
  • Pub Date 03/10/2011

The second book in the ‘Rwanda’ series. Shema can now go to school, so his dream of becoming an airline pilot has moved one step closer – but he and his family and friends still have many challenges to face in the Village of Hope.


Megatastic missions (Amazing agents of God)

  • Author Andy Robb

Read the bible stories of some amazing agents (ordinary people!) who courageously accepted missions for their boss (God)

£5.99 £3.99

Outstanding operations (Amazing agents of God)

  • Author Andy Robb
  • Pub Date 21/01/2019

Open up the God Files (the Bible!) once more and comb through the agent reports of more amazing agents of God!


Paul Man on a mission

  • Author Bob Hartman
  • Pub Date 20/10/2017

Storyteller and scribe, Maximus details Paul's dangerous, thrilling, and adventurous journeys.


Pennyworth of peppermints A

  • Author Mary Weeks Millard


Rome in flames (Tales of Rome #2)

  • Author Kathy Lee
  • Pub Date 16/06/2016

The second in the action-packed Tales of Rome series for younger readers


Ten boys who changed the world

  • Author Irene Howat
  • Pub Date 22/05/2001

Short biographies of 10 Christian men who changed the world


Ten boys who didn't give in

  • Author Irene Howat

Short biographies of 10 Christian men who didn;t give in