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Introducing Christianity

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Is God anti-gay?

  • Author Sam Allberry

A practical and sensitive exploration of the Bible's teaching on homosexuality


Is it True? Evidence for creation

  • Author Stuart Burgess Andy MacIntosh
  • Pub Date 03/08/2018


Is it true? The resurrection of Jesus

  • Author Brian H Edwards
  • Pub Date 01/03/2019


Is the bible true...really? (Coffee House Chronicles)

  • Author Josh McDowell & Dave Sterrett
  • Pub Date 20/02/2011

A short, easily devoured novella aimed at answering prevalent spiritual questions.


Jesus and life's four great questions

  • Author Nigel Scotland
  • Pub Date 31/07/2015


Jesus inquest The

  • Author Charles Foster
  • Pub Date 15/06/2006

Charles Foster defends the resurrection by presenting key points as a heated, no-holds barred debate between barristers.


Jesus lifestyle The

  • Author Nicky Gumbel
  • Pub Date 03/05/2018

What does living as a Christian really look like? What changes do I need to make to the way I live my life? How does Jesus want me to live?


Jesus lifestyle The

  • Author Nicky Gumbel
  • Pub Date 28/04/2016

Out of print - replaced by 9781473680760 (Click here for details)


Journey into life

  • Author Norman Warren
  • Pub Date 22/08/2005

This booklet answers vital questions simply and clearly and has already helped thousands to start their journey of faith.


Joy of the gospel The

  • Author Paula Gooder
  • Pub Date 30/11/2015

This six-part course for parishes and Lent groups is based on Pope Francis' much acclaimed recent reflections on mission and evangelism, published as Evangelii Gaudium ('The Joy of the Gospel').


Life worth living

  • Author Nicky Gumbel
  • Pub Date 30/04/2016

Out of print - replaced by 9781473680753 (Click here for details)


Long story short

  • Author Andy Frost
  • Pub Date 21/06/2018

An encouragement to the Millennial generation to question the 'stories' society tells us to live in and embrace the only true story for our lives