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25 favourite silly songs

  • Author Veggie Tales

£11.99 £7.99

A star filled grace

  • Author Rachel Mann

Offers resources on beloved Advent and Christmas themes for churches, ministers, study groups and individuals at a time when there is a genuine interest in fresh ways of telling the Christmas stories

£11.50 £8.50

Art of caregiving

  • Author Michael Barry
  • Pub Date 09/10/2015

Dr. Michael S. Barry now shows you how to create moments filled with positive energy, hope, abundant love, occasional laughter, and people (including you) who sparkle with a life-giving, joyful attitude, even amidst grave illness

£9.99 £6.99

Baby book The (New edn)

  • Author Rachel Waddilove
  • Pub Date 24/02/2016

How to enjoy year one

£12.99 £8.99

Beginning with the bible NT

  • Author Trevor and Thalia Blundell
  • Pub Date 14/07/1999

£9.99 £6.99

Beyond the valley

  • Author Dave Branon

Dave Branon writes honestly about the challenges he has faced, applying the light of Scripture to the darkest corners of life in the valley and providing questions for personal reflection that will encourage you on the path to hope.

£8.50 £5.50

Born bad

  • Author James Boyce
  • Pub Date 21/04/2016

Born Bad traces a fascinating journey of the concept of original sin and the making of the western mind

£10.99 £7.99

Comings and goings

  • Author Gordon Giles
  • Pub Date 18/09/2015

This book of daily reflections for Advent and Christmas invites us to make a journey through time, from the end to the very beginning of all things.

£7.99 £5.99