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General Youth work

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500 prayers for young people

  • Author Martin Saunders
  • Pub Date 19/08/2011

Here are 500 prayers for every occasion, written in a variety of styles, and are preceded by a short introduction where necessary.


All-around Easter

    All you need to create 6 faith discovery stations for kids and their families on one CD-Rom

    £16.99 £8.50

    Beautiful disciplines The

    • Author Martin Saunders
    • Pub Date 18/11/2011

    Helping young people to develop their spiritual roots


    Book of uncommon prayer 2 The

    • Author Steven Case
    • Pub Date 30/07/2006

    Acollection of scripted services, blessings, and prayers that meets the growing desire of students to step outside the “noise” of their lives and worship in a more settled way


    Bumper book resources: Youth Group

    • Pub Date 09/06/2017

    Imagine if you had in one place material from some of the most well-respected writers for young people!


    Contemplative Youth Ministry

    • Author Mark Yaconelli
    • Pub Date 19/06/2014

    This engaging book provides refreshment and new ways of thinking for anyone who has grown weary or disillusioned with the vital tasks of working with and caring for young people.

    £9.99 £8.99

    Destination church - leaders guide

    • Author Sheila Stephen

    Course to encourage the transition from Sunday school to church.

    £6.00 £3.00

    Games with a purpose

    • Author Martin Saunders & Jimmy Young
    • Pub Date 15/07/2016

    Games with a Purpose mixes energizing, entertaining games with learning points to create an invaluable resource for working with groups aged 9 and above.


    Genuine: becoming a real teenager

    • Author G B Martin

    This is a punchy book that looks at the lessons teenagers can learn from the lives of six teenagers from the Bible


    Growing Young Leaders: A practical guide

    • Author Ruth Hassall
    • Pub Date 21/01/2022

    Offers practical guidance for all those mentoring13- to 18-year-olds in a faith context, with a view to nurturing them towards leadership roles


    Ideas factory (new edition)

    • Author Martin Saunders
    • Pub Date 15/01/2016

    The Ideas Factory is a priceless resource for anyone working with young people. It contains 100 adaptable discussion starters: a brief story, usually factual, followed by a series of provocative questions.


    Inside out: Connecting word to life

      A new resource for helping young people get the Bible off their shelves and applied in their lives.