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Action bible guess it game

  • Author Sergi Cariello

Can you guess the biblical person, place, or thing? Ready ... GO! If your children like The Action Bible, they’ll love The Action Bible Guess-It Game. Learning the Bible has never been more easy and fun!


Action Bible Heroes card collection

  • Pub Date 01/03/2019

Captivating artwork, compelling stories, and interesting facts combine in an exciting new collection of cards from the creators of The Action Bible.


Bible infographics playing cards

  • Pub Date 01/03/2021

Featuring world-renowned craze-mazingness, card games old and new with this delightful new set of cards


Christmas Dominoes

  • Author Juliet David & Jo Parry
  • Pub Date 19/09/2014

This first domino game and story booklet help children to learn the story of Jesus' birth, whilst playing a fun game and developing communication, sharing, counting and matching skills.


Daniel in the lion's den

  • Author Raymond Banks

This toy and book set is an absolute must for busy little people.

£6.99 £5.99

First jigsaw - David

  • Author Josh Edwards
  • Pub Date 19/09/2014

Each episode of the story is divided into three puzzle shapes so children have to piece together what happens for themselves. The puzzle is accompanied by a little booklet which tells the story - in the right order!


Look inside Easter jigsaw

    Exciting 260 piece jigsaw showing scenes from the Easter story and Jerusalem.


    My Christmas Stencil activity pack

    • Author Tim Dowley & Roger Langton
    • Pub Date 16/09/2016

    6 stencils, the story of the Nativity in a paperback book and a colouring sheet in one fun pack.


    Noah and the animals Jigsaw

    • Author Juliet David & Sarah Pitt
    • Pub Date 17/02/2012

    Discover Noah’s story piece by piece! 24 pieces.


    Noah's Ark

    • Author Raymond Banks

    Enjoy Bible stories with your favourite friend!

    £6.99 £5.99

    Noah's Ark puzzle story cube

    • Author Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand
    • Pub Date 01/02/2016

    6 puzzles on 6 sides of 9 cubes tell the story of Noah's ark