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Action bible guess it game

  • Author Sergi Cariello

Can you guess the biblical person, place, or thing? Ready ... GO! If your children like The Action Bible, they’ll love The Action Bible Guess-It Game. Learning the Bible has never been more easy and fun!


Action Bible Heroes card collection

  • Pub Date 01/03/2019

Captivating artwork, compelling stories, and interesting facts combine in an exciting new collection of cards from the creators of The Action Bible.


Bible infographics playing cards

  • Pub Date 01/03/2021

Featuring world-renowned craze-mazingness, card games old and new with this delightful new set of cards


Christmas Dominoes

  • Pub Date 19/09/2014
  • Author Juliet David & Jo Parry

This first domino game and story booklet help children to learn the story of Jesus' birth, whilst playing a fun game and developing communication, sharing, counting and matching skills.


Daniel in the lion's den

  • Author Raymond Banks

This toy and book set is an absolute must for busy little people.


First jigsaw - David

  • Pub Date 19/09/2014
  • Author Josh Edwards

Each episode of the story is divided into three puzzle shapes so children have to piece together what happens for themselves. The puzzle is accompanied by a little booklet which tells the story - in the right order!


Intergenerational prayer cards

  • Pub Date 31/03/2022

52 cards offer 52 different prompts for creative prayer


Look inside Easter jigsaw

    Exciting 260 piece jigsaw showing scenes from the Easter story and Jerusalem.


    My Christmas Stencil activity pack

    • Pub Date 16/09/2016
    • Author Tim Dowley & Roger Langton

    6 stencils, the story of the Nativity in a paperback book and a colouring sheet in one fun pack.


    Noah and the animals Jigsaw

    • Pub Date 17/02/2012
    • Author Juliet David & Sarah Pitt

    Discover Noah’s story piece by piece! 24 pieces.


    Noah's Ark

    • Author Raymond Banks

    Enjoy Bible stories with your favourite friend!


    Noah's Ark puzzle story cube

    • Pub Date 01/02/2016
    • Author Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand

    6 puzzles on 6 sides of 9 cubes tell the story of Noah's ark