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Eco church

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Becoming a green Christian

  • Author Ellen Teague

A handbook for Christians who are seeking to understand and participate in the movement towards responsible and sustainable living in the twenty-first century


Celtic Christianity and climate crisis

  • Pub Date 15/08/2020
  • Author Ray Simpson

How the Celtic affirmation of creation and of equality and love holds holds the key not only for the future


Changing the climate

  • Pub Date 18/06/2021
  • Author Debbie David and Jamie Hawker

Practical Bible-based material to use in families and churches


Christian Guide to Environmental Issues

  • Pub Date 23/04/2021
  • Author Martin & Margot Hodson

Considers eight of the key current environmental problems, giving a biblical basis and helping to integrate environmental thinking into Christian faith


Climate change

  • Author David Rhodes

How a prodigal church might save the planet...


Creation care

  • Pub Date 27/02/2018
  • Author Douglas Moo

Invites readers to open their Bibles afresh to explore the place of the natural world within God’s purposes


Don't stop at the lights

  • Pub Date 01/07/2008
  • Author Claire Foster-Gilbert David Sh

Leading your church through a changing climate


Field with a view

  • Pub Date 07/02/2019
  • Author Katharine Preston

Science and faith in a time of climate change


God doesn't do waste

  • Pub Date 16/07/2010
  • Author Dave Bookless

Meet 'the Bookless bunch', a very ordinary family who went green.


How many lightbulbs...?

  • Pub Date 30/03/2007
  • Author David Shreeve Claire Foster-Gi

A Pocket Guide to Shrinking Your Ecological Footprint


How then shall we live?

  • Pub Date 07/06/2016
  • Author Samuel Wells

The world constantly throws up new challenges about what it means to be Christian and to live a distinctively Christian lifestyle


Keeping God's earth

  • Pub Date 16/07/2010
  • Author Noah J Toly & Daniel I Black

This unique volume teams up scientists with biblical scholars to help us discern just that question. What does the Lord require of us?