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Church growth

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Building church

  • Author Stephen Matthew
  • Pub Date 02/01/2012

This book the distillation of over 30 years experience of building local church.


Church unplugged

  • Author David Male
  • Pub Date 03/09/2008

A call to think and work outside the box of recent church in bold and risk-taking ways


Community and ministry

  • Author Paul Ballard Lesley Husselbee
  • Pub Date 18/10/2007



  • Author Michael Lawrence
  • Pub Date 30/06/2017

How Does Understanding Conversion Shape Ministry?


Creating community

  • Author Simon Reed
  • Pub Date 19/04/2013

In Creating Community, Simon Reed introduces us to a new but at the same time very old way of being church which is based upon three core elements: a Way of Life, a network of Soul Friends, and a rhythm of prayer.


Doorways to the Sacred

  • Author Ian Mobsby Phil Potter
  • Pub Date 30/07/2010

Developing sacramentality in Fresh Expressions of church


Evaluating Fresh Expressions

  • Author Martyn Percy
  • Pub Date 28/11/2008

Explorations in Emerging Church


Expressions 1

  • Pub Date 01/03/2006

14 stories of fresh expressions of church and some of the lessons learned so far


Expressions 2

  • Pub Date 12/03/2007

An excellent training tool for those interested in contemporary mission and fresh expressions of church


Field guide to Methodist Fresh Expressions

  • Author Malcolm Adam Beck
  • Pub Date 01/03/2020

A distinctive Wesleyan approach to the Fresh Expression movement


Finding abundance in scarcity

  • Author Samuel Wells
  • Pub Date 30/06/2021

Theological reflections on pastoral and practical wisdom from the HeartEdge programmes based at London's St Martin in the Fields


First expressions

  • Author Steve Taylor
  • Pub Date 31/12/2019

Offers a unique insight into the long-term sustainability of fresh expressions