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Church growth

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Manifesto: Blueprint for missional church

  • Author Nic Harding
  • Pub Date 16/01/2012

In this book, Nic Harding sets out his manifesto for a 21stCentury missional church that will have a profound impact on its community.

£7.99 £2.99

Messy Vintage

  • Author Lucy Moore

52 sessions to share Christ-centred fun and fellowship with the older generation


New Monasticism as Fresh Expression of church

  • Author Cray Mobsby Simpson & Kennedy
  • Pub Date 17/12/2010

Leaders of traditional religious communities and emerging 'new monastic' communities tell their stories and reflect on how an ancient expression of being church is inspiring and shaping a very new one

Pioneer gift The

  • Author Johnny Baker & Cathy Ross
  • Pub Date 29/08/2014

Leading practitioners and theologians in the pioneer movement reflect on emerging trends, practices and key theological challenges


Reproducing churches

  • Author George Lings
  • Pub Date 24/03/2017

investigates the theological basis for church planting and creating fresh expressions of church


Resourcing rural ministry

  • Author Simon Martin
  • Pub Date 20/11/2015

An in-depth exploration of the key aspects, challenges and opportunities of mission in a rural church


Seeing afresh

  • Author David McCarthy
  • Pub Date 15/08/2019

Learning from Fresh Expressions of church


Starting a fresh expression (5)

  • Author Croft Lings & Dalpra
  • Pub Date 27/02/2006

Five copy pack of this helpful leaflet to set you off in the right direction when starting a fresh expression of church


Stepping into grace

  • Author Paul bradbury
  • Pub Date 18/11/2016

Journey with the prophet Jonah...moving beyond ambition to contemplative mission


Stones and ripples

  • Author Gareth Robinson

Ten guiding principles for pioneers and church planters


Style Or Substance

  • Author William Taylor & David Dargue
  • Pub Date 20/09/2016

It is in this weakness that God's power is exhibited. Nothing could be more opposite to our celebrity culture.


Why worship?

  • Author Tim Hughes & Nick Drake
  • Pub Date 29/03/2021

The theme book for Spring Harvest 2021 explores the wonder of worship and how our relationship with God is built through it.