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Sacred diary of Adrian Plass Christian Speaker

  • Author Adrian Plass
  • Pub Date 15/09/2005

In this second diary, the fictional Adrian Plass is in demand as a public speaker which demands a new diary.


Scandal of forgiveness The

  • Author Philip Yancey
  • Pub Date 01/06/2021

Forgiveness is an unnatural act. That may be why forgiveness is so difficult. So why would God require us to perform an act that defies every primal instinct? What makes forgiveness so important that it is central to the Christian faith?


Seeking Allah Finding Jesus

  • Author Nasbeel Qureshi
  • Pub Date 11/02/2014

Out of print - replaced by 9780310092643 (Click here for details)


Seeking Allah Finding Jesus (expanded)

  • Author Nabeel Qureshi

How a passionate pursuit of Islam led one man to Christ through friendship, apologetics, dreams and visions


Shades of blue

  • Author Karen Kingsbury
  • Pub Date 14/10/2009

In between a checkered past and a fairytale future, a decision awaits


Shepherd looks at Psalm 23 (Mass market)

  • Author Phillip Keller

Pairing Keller’s sublime reflections with the New International Version, this edition sheds light for a new generation of readers on the nature and ways of sheep—and of the Good Shepherd who cares for them.


Siver birches

  • Author Adrian Plass
  • Pub Date 19/05/2009

This poignant and moving story blends Adrian Plass's rich style of writing with his knack for addressing the issues we all face—faith, grief, love … and fear.


Soul revolution

  • Author John Burke
  • Pub Date 10/07/2008

Purpose, success, a better life…we all want it, but does it come to us or through us? Find out in this 60-day experiment in loving God and loving people.