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William Collins

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Reflections on the Psalms

  • Author C S Lewis

C.S. Lewis’ moving theological work in which he considers the most poetic portions from Scripture and what they tell us about God, the Bible, and faith.


Screwtape letters

  • Pub Date 29/01/1998
  • Author C S Lewis

A timeless classic on spiritual conflict and the invisible realities which are part of our religious experience.


Screwtape proposes a toast

  • Pub Date 13/07/2017
  • Author C S Lewis

The only official sequel, penned by Lewis himself, to the ever-popular ‘Screwtape Letters’ – published alongside other short essays.


Space Trilogy

  • Pub Date 29/08/2015
  • Author C S Lewis

One-volume edition marking the 75th anniversary of Lewis’s classic SF trilogy featuring the adventures of Dr Ransom on Mars, Venus and Earth


Surprised by Joy

  • Author C S Lewis

Reveals both that crisis and its momentous conclusion that would determine the shape of Lewis's entire life.