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Lion Hudson

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25 crafts for Christmas

  • Pub Date 19/09/2014
  • Author Christina Goodings

A craft for every day of Advent, or just to keep children entertained in the run up to Christmas.



  • Pub Date 19/01/2007
  • Author Richard Reddie

The struggle to abolish slavery in the British colonies


All in the mind?

  • Pub Date 15/05/2015
  • Author Peter Clarke

In this comprehensive book, the current state of neuroscientific evidence is weighed up alongside ideas of what it means to be human, the idea of the soul, near-death experiences, and questions of free will and responsibility.


All the tales from the Ark

  • Author Avril Rowlands

All three books of Avril Rowlands’ popular stories about Noah: Tales from the Ark, More Tales from the Ark and The Rainbow’s End.


Amazing grace

  • Pub Date 22/04/2005
  • Author Steve Turner

John Newton, slavery and the world's most enduring song


And then there were nuns

  • Pub Date 21/02/2014
  • Author Jane Christmas

Adventures in a cloistered life


Armstrong girl The: A child for sale

  • Pub Date 19/06/2015
  • Author Cathy le Feuvre Meryl Doney

A child for sale: the battle against the Victorian sex trade


Atlas of the European Reformations

  • Pub Date 21/09/2015
  • Author Tim Dowley

Featuring more than sixty brand new maps, graphics and timelines, the Atlas of the European Reformations is an essential companion to any study of the Reformation era.