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Lion Fiction

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Cantaloupe Thief The (Branigan Powers #1)

  • Author Deb Richardson-Moore
  • Pub Date 21/03/2016

Local reporter Branigan Powers sets out to investigate the city's only unsolved murder.


Casting the net (Dunbridge vol 2)

  • Author Pam Rhodes
  • Pub Date 21/02/2004

Neil returns from his ordination inspired by his vocation, and determined not to let his love life get in the way.


Corpse at St Andrew's chapel A (The Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton, Surgeon #2)

  • Author Mel Starr
  • Pub Date 19/04/2013

Master Hugh, meeting Hubert the coroner at the scene of the murder, listened carefully to the coroner's surmise that a wolf had caused the great wound. And yet, if so, why was there no blood?


Cover Story The (Branigan Powers #2)

  • Author Deb Richardson-Moore
  • Pub Date 21/04/2017

Reporter Branigan Powers delves into the mystery of a fatal crash - she must uncover what is really going on at the college, before other students are put in danger.


Death beat The (Poppy Denby Investigates #3)

  • Author Fiona Veitch Smith
  • Pub Date 20/10/2017

Writing obituaries for the papers, Poppy unravels a sordid trail of illegal immigrants, forced labour, sex scandals, and an unexpected ghost from her past. Poppy is determined to help the victims, but can she find the evidence to bring the perpetrators to justice without putting her own life in danger...


Death of a jester (Branigan Powers #3)

  • Author Deb Richardson-Moore
  • Pub Date 18/05/2018

Can Branigan and Malachi help to bring the truth to light before the little boy is harmed, and before the wrong person is convicted of murder...


End of law The

  • Author Therese Down
  • Pub Date 19/03/2021

A compelling story of human tragedy, and man’s potential to revel in, or fight against, the evil actions of a corrupted nation


Fisher of men (Dunbridge vol 1)

  • Author Pam Rhodes

A social comedy with spiritual resonance and depth, Fisher of Men will have you laughing out loud and will draw you into the character and charm of Dunbridge life.