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Instant Apostle

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African pearl

  • Author Pamela Brown-Peterside
  • Pub Date 01/04/2020

AIDS, loss and redemption in the shadow of the Rwenzori Mountains


Before the Days Draw In

  • Author Mary Kissell
  • Pub Date 21/09/2018

This rich and moving memoir tells the incredible story of Mary Kissell, one of the founders of New Wine, simply following the inner promptings of God


Beginning Unlimited

  • Author Liz Grier
  • Pub Date 21/09/2018

The ten-year highs and lows of a family risking all to plant a church - a frank and gripping journal about faith, doubt, courage and weakness

Being Lena Levi

  • Author Bobbie Ann Cole
  • Pub Date 01/09/2019

For Marlene Roberts, being Lena Levi is going to be the adventure of a lifetime

Children of the Himalayas

  • Author Diane Bell
  • Pub Date 01/04/2019

An incredible story of God’s faithfulness and provision that inspires with where God could take you.


Diary of a (trying to be holy) Mum

  • Author Fiona Lloyd
  • Pub Date 18/01/2018

Fictional diary (in the style of Adrian Plass) documenting the everyday struggles of a mum.


Diary of Isabella M Smugge

  • Author Ruth Leigh

Meet Isabella Smugge – as in ‘Br-uge-s’, naturally! Instagram influencer, consummate show-off and endearingly self-unaware


Dying to get there

  • Author Michael Williams
  • Pub Date 22/01/2022

A vision of heaven to transform our lives on earth