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  • Author Rachel Newman
  • Pub Date 18/11/2021

‘And yet’ changes everything. This Lent book will help you find joy today regardless of your circumstances


Embracing Justice

  • Author Isabelle Hamley
  • Pub Date 16/12/2021

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book for 2022 asks: What might a spirituality shaped by biblical portrayals of justice look like for the church of the 21st century?


Forty women

  • Author Ros Clarke
  • Pub Date 18/11/2021

Easter wouldn't have happened without these forty women


Hearing God in poetry

  • Author Richard Harries
  • Pub Date 18/11/2021

Reflects on how some of the best-loved poems in the English language communicate a sense of God's presence


Sharing the Easter story

  • Author Sally Welch
  • Pub Date 22/11/2021

Sally Welch explores two questions: What is the Easter story really about, and how do we share it?


Way of the Franciscan The

  • Author Daniel P Horan
  • Pub Date 18/11/2021

A Lent devotional that offers an introduction to the rich, diverse, and inspiring Franciscan spirituality