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2020 - new titles

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At home in Advent

  • Author Gordon Giles
  • Pub Date 18/09/2020

A journey through Advent in the company of familiar seasonal and domestic objects and experiences.


Christmas we didn't expect The

  • Author David Mathis
  • Pub Date 01/10/2020

Reflections for Advent that help us to adore Jesus—the one who came to save us and make our futures certain.



  • Author Tim Chester

Out of stock until next Christmas - please don't order


Frequencies of God

  • Author Carys Walsh
  • Pub Date 30/08/2020

Walking through Advent with R S Thomas


Into the heart of Advent

  • Author Penelope Wilcock
  • Pub Date 20/08/2020

Get into the heart of Advent with Pen Wilcock and discover what Christmas really means to Jesus as he talks to her about God, the universe and a few other things.


Let it slow

  • Author Stephen Cottrell
  • Pub Date 30/09/2020

This understanding and uplifting book offers another way to approach Christmas and to discover how its joys and promises can restore our lives, not add to their burdens.


Unexpected Jesus (C2C Advent 2020)

  • Author Anna Robbins
  • Pub Date 01/08/2020

31 days readings for Advent, for personal use or small groups