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Creative ideas: Alternative sacramental worship

  • Author Simon Rundell
  • Pub Date 30/07/2010

Explores a theology and method of creative, alternative worship which returns to the heart of the encounter with God


Creative ideas: Evening prayer

  • Author Jan Brind & Tessa Wilkinson

Other than Evensong or Taize-style meditation, what else is there for evening prayer? Here is a resource that fills this gap to overflowing


Creative ideas: Frontline evangelism with young people

  • Author Simon Rundell

Brimming with stories, techniques and ideas for creative mission and worship that engages children and young people


Creative ideas: Ministry with the aged

  • Author Sue Pickering

A wise, timely and practical handbook that meets the urgent need for resources for ministry among the elderly


Creative ideas: Pastoral - Baptism

  • Author Jan Brind & Tessa Wilkinson
  • Pub Date 29/01/2010

Liturgies for the many events that are part of church life that may not be in usual service books


Creative ideas: Pastoral - funerals

  • Author Jan Brind & Tessa Wilkinson

Offers prayers, forms of words and many tried and tested ideas for creating rituals that give support at a time of great need following a death


Creative ideas: Pastoral - weddings

  • Author Jan Brind & Tessa Wilkinson
  • Pub Date 06/01/2009

Helps local churches everywhere make the most of the opportunities presented by couples coming for marriage or a wedding blessing


Creative ideas: Quiet days

  • Author Sue Pickering
  • Pub Date 28/11/2008

12 day-long retreat programs focused around different themes


Creative ideas: Whole family worship

  • Author Jan Brind & Tessa Wilkinson
  • Pub Date 30/09/2011

Book and CD-Rom packed with creative ideas for worship which actively involves the whole church family


Cross in the marketplace The

  • Author David Broom

An Easter resource book from Iona

£13.50 £9.99

Down to earth

  • Author Rosie Rushton

15 alternative services for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany


Dying Death Funerals (BBOR v5)

  • Pub Date 14/06/2016

Collection of resources to help anyone preparing funeral services